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Sports Medicine at the North Dandenong Clinic

Got a Sports Injury ? We can help with Sports Medicine at the North Dandenong Medical Clinic.

Do you offer Sports Medicine at the North Dandenong Clinic?

Yes. Our doctors are trained in all aspects of health, which includes Sports Medicine.  Our Clinic offers both Medical and Allied Health Services (e.g. Physiotherapy), with a focus on delivering compassionate care from start to finish.  

Assessment of your Sports Injury at our Clinic

Our doctors are often the first port of call for people when they seek medical advice regarding sports or exercise.  If you have a sports injury, book an appointment with one of our doctors who can assess the injury for you.  Typical questions during the consultation could include:

  • What led to the injury?
  • How long has there been pain?
  • What are the movements that are particularly difficult for you?
  • Has it happened previously?

A full examination of the injury will take place. Treatment can be offered in a variety of ways and will depend on the nature of the injury. We have state-of-the art facilities and a network of highly qualified medical professionals at our North Dandenong Clinic. Should X-rays, MRI’s or surgery be recommended, we will assist you with the process.

Why is Sports Medicine so important?

Australian’s love sport. No matter the season, there is always a sport to follow and play. Regardless of whether it’s AFL or winter hockey in the frosty months or tennis and cricket amidst the summer heat, Australians are eager to participate.

Being active and moving in your daily life is a critical factor in leading a healthy life.  We know that activity increases immunity from disease, reduces the risks of falls and delays the onset of mortality. Regular exercise is also a key factor in maintaining good mental health.  So, we encourage all those in our community to get involved in a sport that they feel comfortable with and use it as an opportunity for health and fun.  

However, with the increase in activity or the motivation to start a new sport, there can be an increase in injuries. This is where Sports Medicine plays a critical role.  It provides a focus on the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of any injuries related to physical activity. Sports Medicine is not only for professional athletes; it is for anyone who engages in movement and requires care.

North Dandenong Clinic offers Sports Medicine. Contact Us if you have a Sports Injury.

Common Sports Injuries that we see in the North Dandenong Clinic, include:

  1. Sprains, strains and shin splints:
    • Tearing of tendons or ligaments is a common occurrence. These injuries typically result from sudden movement, abrupt increases in speed, poor technique or inadequate warm-up routines.
    • Shin splints can be very frustrating and recovery can take a long time. They usually arise from sudden shifts in training intensity.
  2. Fractures and Dislocations:
    • Fractures involve broken bones, while dislocations entail the movement of the bone from their usual position. These can be very painful. Our doctors will work with you on the best care required to assist in recovery. This may include immobilization of the limb.
  3. Concussions are mild traumatic brain injuries. They are more common in contact sports like AFL, rugby and ice hockey. Swift medical treatment from one of our doctors is absolutely critical in this situation. Recovery is usually a lengthy process.

How can our Professional Medial Doctors at North Dandenong Clinic assist you?

  • Through a consultation, our doctors will discuss your medical history and a physical examination will be required.
  • If required, our Allied Health Professionals (eg a physiotherapist) may be included in your treatment team. They have detailed knowledge of different areas of the body and can provide specialist care in the diagnosis of the issue.
  • Rehabilitation is an important part of Sports Medicine. It usually starts with a series of gentle exercises to strengthen the injured area, followed by more advance range-of-motion exercises that include stretching.

Most patients our doctors see are not professional athletes. They are members of the local community; people with families, full-time jobs and other life pressures. Our medical team will take all these aspects into account when providing care and guidance to our patients.

At the North Dandenong Medical Clinic, we offer Sports Medicine for all ages.

Additional Information:

Further information is available via Sports Medicine Australia.

At North Dandenong Clinic we are here to assist you with all aspects of your sports injuries. Call our clinic on (03) 9793 5395 to book an appointment or to find out more information.

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